Monday, August 29, 2005


Whilst at Leeds Festival this weekend i had the weirdest adventure eva. I had a really great time. I really enjoyed watching the futureheads and bloc party and the GO Team were absolutley amazing! theyre defo my top tip. But last night..!

A big crowd went past my tent and they looked like they were havin fun blowing whistles shout and singing so i joined them wit m bongo and after about 2 mins i was pinned by a security guard then taken outside, told i was facing 5 years for ensighting a riot then taken to a tent where i had to sign sumin. I was then dropped off in the middle of nowhere, with no money and a dead battery on my phone. it was dark and cold and i had no idea where i was. Just a bit dangerous. I was told if wanted to get back to the car park i should walk to a village that was jus down the road (it was about 2 miles) then turn left. I got the village and no sign of a left turn, they turned out to b wrong directions so I asked a policeman and he showed me another way on a map he had, he was quite sympathetic. That was wrong too, i had been gone for about 2hrs at this point and ant and nat etc had no idea where i was, i was dead worried about that cos i was facing spending the night in the carpark so i was askin all passers by if i cud use their phone.
I met these guys; tom, dan and john, they were gettin in a taxi so they let me in to get back to the main road where u turn off for all the carparks, so we got there, still not sure wot i was gonna do when i got there. we walked thru the field to the woods where ripped the biggest hole in my jeans on sum barbed wire. when we finally reached the orange gate there werent any security guards as on the other gates, jus stuards so we begged them to let us in without wristbands. i was caught at about 12.30 and i got back about 4.30
I admit that it was a stupid thing to do but it was not worthy of being dropped in the middle of nowhere. It was like being on Crimewatch! I was scared.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Wow how amazing is Ireland. I just got back on Sunday from ten days in Ireland. We spent 4 days in the west near Castle Bar then drove to the north near Nurie (not sure of the spelling). We stayed near Maireads Grandad, Con, he was an absolute legend. evrytime we went in the morning he wud offer us some clear whisky that was made from potatoes and was sumin like 70%. Then he wud made us tea which was ace, he'd boil big spuds in their skins and serve em with the best bacon and cabbage or turnips, all freshly picked. bloody amazing. truely good food.
Ireland is an absolutley beautiful country jus so quiet and peaceful and the scenery is breathtaking, better than the lakes.