Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Start

Woohoo, i have a blog. I'm sure natters will b very proud of me. well today was a boring day which is not at inspiring for anyone reading the first line of my blog and i have already written about nothing for too long. So ikea tomorrow.

Well yes i do have live8 to talk about. Truely amazing the higlight for me tho has to b mariah. i think not. tho she was extremly funny in fruit cake kinda way. But come on, coldplay and richard ashcroft who didnt love every minute of that. (well apart from the gay guy to the right of me all day who i affectionately call andy pandy).
The picture is more evidence of what happens to a person if left without sleep for 28 hours ahhhhhh well if u count 5 hrs the night b 4 as sleep.
Spent yesterday making a pip anthology, wasnt really feeling it tho...


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