Thursday, July 07, 2005

On the QT

I really loooove question time. I often tell ppl i only watch to tv programmes, which is true, qt and 24, which is finished anyway. Anyway tonight i actually taped it. It was about Africa and since the marvellous Sir Bob brought it 21st century attention this year im hooked. i really want to make a difference or at least have my say on the subject.
Mairead and I often talk about how we're gonna spend all week in Ireland discussing world issues like on questiontime and we'll each have a topic to bring up. haha apparent john wants to be david. Amanda despairs. I'm sure she'll love it!
I think i want to talk about corrupt african dictators like Mugabe, the bastard. I'm wondering how i can be sitting in britain where i could be quite easily totally ignorant of the whole situation yet i am anxious to see something done about the poverty that his people are in and he is enforcing on them and yet he has the power to stop it and doesn't even though it is his country, his life blood and yet he constantly persecutes it. I can't comprehend such a mind or a heart.


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