Sunday, July 10, 2005


Just finished a 1-11.30 at da hut wooo, which was washed down nicely with a nice easy conversation about the meaning of life. hmmm. thanks prez and rach. i must admit though i have totally 4gotten everything from the two years in which i studied religion and philosophy. eeeek. rach was like o yes epistemic distance i nodded smugly (i hope i pulled it off). im too tired right now to come up with an argument about god, so i'll get bac to ya.
Gonna go listen to u2 now.
O yer might b a bit late of me to mention it but london! absolute sicko's i feckin hate terrorists!!! (nealy wrote tourists then oops) thats how we got started on religion actually. but how d'u fight someone that doesnt care if u win? Prez started the conversation with the old chestnut of oooo whats the point in religion all it does is start wars! well answers on a postcard to....


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