Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Diagonally thinking

OK finished HP and THBP on sat night after a week of staying up and none stop reading (I'm a slow reader OK) I was so depressed on Sunday. It wasn't just the alleged dying of a certain character but also cutting of ties which got me down. I know this sounds sad but last week all i had was harry potter and i reeeeeally got into it, being home alone. OK i admit I'm not a massive reader but i know that JK Rowling has some amazing talent, i thought the other books were engaging and enthralling but this... this just takes the biscuit. The reason i was so gutted when (OK lets stop beating about the bush) he finished with Ginny was because i knew how he felt about her, i went through every motion with him in the book and i could totally relate, it was amazing, i couldn't put that experience into words as she has.
PS I don't believe Snape is Evil!


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